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Cromeleque dos almedres

Circle of Power
Mother Earth is calling you... Can you hear her song?


Oct 31st 2023 . Cromeleque dos Almendres
Leaving Lisbon at 5:00pm  . returning at 10:30 pm

When heaven and earth unite, we become one with the universe! Allow the universe to express itself through you; let the stones whisper their stories, and witness as more and more life reveals itself within you.

For millennia, our ancestors gathers in Places of  Power—vortexes where energy intensifies, giving rise to true magic and unexplained phenomena.

Consider this your Soul's Invitation—a unique moment where we'll find ourselves in such a Place of Power.

It will be a time when the veils between different dimensions thin, enabling us to perform a potent and magical ritual inspired by Celtic, Pagan, and Druid ceremonies.


It mirrors the very ceremonies conducted in these extraordinary places of power.

Can you hear the call?

Just few spots available

Confirming by making a deposit of 27€  (transport cost) to my Mbway. The van has capacity for 17 people and the cost  will be divided between the group

Ceremony contribution:

- People from our WC from 33€

- Other people from 51 €


The triad. The align of energy of the earth, the energy of the galactic cycle and the power of ritual


The origin of the cromlech is full of mysteries. It is estimated to be older than Stonehenge. Each menhir has a symbol, most of which have not yet been deciphered.

One of the menhirs has a line pointing towards the Tower of Evora and where the sun rises. In another there are 13 crosiers, a symbol of the power of the wise serpents.


They are aligned with the solstitial axis and are built on Leylines. Which are invisible lines that connect sacred places on the planet. Several temples and stone circles were built in places where at least 2 of these lines intersect. The energy of these places enhances rituals and unexplained phenomena happen in these places.

Captura de Tela 2023-09-18 às 23.13.22.png


The gates to magic stand ajar! Candle lanterns will illuminate our path, casting a gentle glow on our inner realms.

Thus, we shall embark upon a captivating ritual, drawing inspiration from ancient Celtic and pagan traditions practiced within megalithic structures.

Herbal mists will part the veils, facilitating our connection with subtle dimensions. The fragrance of roses will infuse the space with feminine energy, allowing the stones to speak their ancient tales and perhaps even aiding us in recalling our own.

Under the starlit sky, we'll dance in harmony with Mother Earth. The wind's breath will harmonize with our songs, echoing from the depths of our souls.


In this sacred moment, the barriers separating our mundane lives from the realm of magic will dissolve. All are invited to traverse the ethereal dimensions, honoring our ancestors and mending what requires healing. Thus, our souls may float freely, brimming with boundless vitality.


October 31st holds profound significance across various ancient cultures. For the Mayans, Pagans, Celts, and Druids, this date was revered and considered sacred. In Celtic tradition, it marks the beginning of the new year, a period known as Sabbat Samhain. It signifies the transition from summer to winter and serves as a festival to honor and remember ancestors.

During this time, the boundaries between the worlds grow thin, allowing for easier contact with astral planes, subtle dimensions, and the spirits of our ancestors.

These Sacred Celebrations took place in places of great power, including temples, natural settings, and megalithic structures like Almedres. These locations, imbued with ancient energy, provided a fitting backdrop for connecting with the spiritual realm and paying homage to the wisdom of those who came before us.


Why this invitation?
What do Atlântica, Lay Lines and the Templars have to do with our experience?

My dear Soul friend,

I extend this invitation to you with profound purpose and heartfelt conviction. Since my arrival in these lands, I have sensed a compelling call to reside here. Utilizing my skills as a journalist and researcher, I delved into understanding the energy of this land and its history, seeking to fathom why it magnetizes souls like ours.


Having lived in diverse places globally, I had never encountered a location so captivating, drawing remarkable individuals who often feel the pull without comprehending the underlying reason. It's an inexplicable sensation—an intuitive knowing.

My studies took me deep into the realm of ley lines and the Templars, not the rendition found in conventional books, but the version demanding an investigative flair and a connection with the invisible world to unveil. Portugal's history is enigmatic, riddled with gaps, urging me to persist in my research.

Many scholars speculate that Atlantis, the mythical land, once existed near the present location of Portugal, specifically where the Azores now stand. The mysteries surrounding Portugal's ancient monuments, like the Cromeleque dos Almendres, remain unsolved, much like the nation's historical gaps.

Portugal, founded by the Templars, harbors a narrative vastly different from what mainstream books portray. Contrary to popular belief, the Templars had no allegiance to the church or the crown; they were an order more potent than both. Their objectives shrouded in mystery, their actions were consistently geared towards preserving critical consciousness, reviving reverence for Mother Earth, and ensuring the flow of energetic vortexes.

These knights possessed profound astronomical knowledge and a deep understanding of the earth's geomancy. They were acutely aware of the planetary vortexes' locations and moved in alignment with these energies, founding nearly all the cities in Portugal.

Upon my visit to the Cromlech, I felt an undeniable urge to revive the ancient ceremonies once conducted there. Thus, I extend this invitation to you—to join me in this profound experience.

I confess, despite my extensive research, my connection with the sacred place, my egregore, and my higher self, I remain in the unknown. Even with all my preparation and understanding, there's an acknowledgment that when we open ourselves as channels of light, we relinquish control. We must simply be and trust the unfolding of events, even when the entire picture eludes us.

With open hearts and minds, let us embark on this journey together, prepared to embrace whatever revelations may come our way.

In sacred anticipation,

Marcelle Bottini

About Marcelle

Marcelle Bottini is  a successful businesswoman who devotes her life to the pursuit of Ancestral Wisdom, applying it to her own life and sharing it with others.


Having studied under renowned masters from various corners of the globe, she has been initiated into a wealth of diverse wisdom, including the Enneagram, Mayan Wisdom, Multidimensional  & heart activation and the Council of Elders of the 13 Moons. These ancient teachings, passed down through generations of women for millennia.


Utilizing this profound knowledge, Marcelle successfully steers her company, which offers services to multinational corporations in Brazil. With a team of 14 dedicated women, her company operates seamlessly, allowing Marcelle to focus on her true calling. 


Today, she is dedicated to her life's purpose, which involves conducting ceremonies, leading women's circles, interpreting soul maps and oracles, and organizing transformative retreats. 


Marcelle firmly believes that the path to transformation begins with listening to the call of one's soul and following it wholeheartedly. She is passionate about guiding individuals to live lives filled with complete fulfillment, empowering them to embrace their true selves and fulfill their deepest desires.


Marcelle's dedication to helping others embark on this transformative journey reflects her profound commitment to the well-being and happiness of every person she encounters. Through her wisdom and guidance, she inspires others to embark on their own unique paths, leading to a life of genuine contentment and purpose.

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Transport price: between 27€ to 40€ 

(The transport cost 460€ and has the capacity of 17 people. The group will share the cost. I'm almost sure will be 27€ per person because there are few spots left. 

Event contribution: To anchor and produce this experience I ask for a contribution of between 33€ and 81€ per person - People from our WC from 33€ and other people from 51€

Schedule: We will leave Lisbon on 31st at 5:00pm and will arrive at the Venue about 6:30 pm. We will be back to lisbon about 10:30 pm

What to bring:

- 3 roses ( 1red, 1 white, 1 yellow or rose)

- 1 red apple

- snacks and water

What to wear:

- Black clothes. Preferably a skirt or dress for women (with socks or pants underneath as it will be cold)


- A shawl of whatever color you feel.

- Comfortable shoes

Payment info: Byway or Revolut is my WhatsApp. Please send me the payment proof by WhatsApp +55 21 99828 2335

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